Hey, I'm Razeen.

I'm a Full Stack & web3 Developer

5 years of software building and scaling. Always hungry for knowledge, constantly creating. Passionate about technology and business. Fast learner, team player. Let's connect and unleash new possibilities!


Hey there! I'm Razeen, a student at the University of Toronto. I've been coding for 6 years and I'm passionate about creating automation tools and web apps. Lately, I've been diving into developing web3 apps on the Solana blockchain ecosystem.

I love sharing what I learn with others, especially teaching kids Python and robotics for FIRST Lego League. I also host workshops on various topics because I enjoy helping out on projects and learning new things. Oh, and Leetcode is my guilty pleasure!

Outside of work and studies, you'll find me staying active with running, hitting the gym, playing tennis, and cycling. I'm also a cooking enthusiast who loves inventing new recipes. When I need some downtime, you'll catch me gaming—Valorant and Chess are my go-to favorites.

Currently, I'm on the lookout for an internship to further grow as a developer and gain more experiences. I'm open to exciting opportunities, so let's chat!

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RustPythonDJango RESTIllustratorPremiere ProAdobe FireflyMidjourneyChatGPT


Ramuri Inc.
2022 - 2022
Software Engineer

Helped create a Google Chrome extension that allows users to see ethical ratings of goods online. Integrated REST API with React frontend.

DjangoPythonReact.jsGitGitHubJiraREST APITypeScript
University of Toronto
2022 - 2022
Software Engineer / Research Assistant

Created an experiment survey using oTree to help with research for a PHD study. Dealt with data collection and analysis.

Code Warriors
Code Instructor

Teaching kids ages 8-14 how to get started with programming and robotics. Preparing for FIRST Lego League competitions.

Spike PrimePython
Sir John Wilson School
2018 - 2020
Code Instructor
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Taught students between grade 5 to grade 10 intro to python programming, by starting an after school club and running it for 3 years

Sir John Wilson School
Software Developer - Contracted
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Created an automated report card generation system for my high school, improving efficiency by 300% through the design and implementation of a robust database that seamlessly integrates input from teachers and student records.

PythonGoogle Sheets APIMS AccessBASH
FIRST Global
2018 - 2020
Champion / Participant

Contributed to the design, construction, and coding of a championship-winning robot for international competitions, representing Bangladesh in 2018, 2019, and 2020. Acquired expertise in seamlessly integrating hardware and software for optimal performance, while developing intuitive control systems that streamlined the robot's operation for drivers.

JavaAndroid StudioHardware


Shoot me an email if you want to connect! You can also find me on Linkedin or Instagram if that's more your speed.